Kenze products and references

Lunch ordering application

With the lunch ordering application the employees of a company can easily order their meals to be delivered by noon.
Where employees can loose time by going out and getting lunch from a nearby sandwich bar they can now order everything online.
The application takes care of the financial transactions and makes sure the orders get sent to the delivery service in time.

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Mobile scanning application

With the mobile scanning application it is possible to scan NFC tags and QR-codes.
The application automatically detects if the device used supports NFC scanning and allows you to use this in the application. QR-code scanning through the phone’s camera is supported and as a backup it is possible to manually enter a code.
The scanning app can be used for purposes like inventory or equipment management.

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Digital signage application

The Digital Signage application allows companies to manage the content displayed on information screens throughout the building.
By making use of an agenda, this tool makes it very easy to deliver content to different screens on specified times so that all information remains up to date.
The tool allows you to make use of slide templates. And a floor-plan makes it easy to locate displays throughout the building.

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